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A couple months ago we found ourselves with a new cat that had behavioral issues. Needless to say that was a stressful moment in our household. We knew immediately who to call. Jonne was incredibly attentive, helpful and understanding of our situation. We received the most detailed guidance from him. This has been the second time he has made a positive impact in our life as he also helped us a couple years ago with our extremely scared and timid cat who is now the most cuddliest cat in the world. You can truly tell how passionate he is about the work he does and the love he has for cats. We couldn't recommend him more.

Freek & Dani, Soesterberg, 2024



Jonne just left, he was here for almost 2,5 hours. I'm so happy he took the time and things are so much clearer now. Got a lot of amazing tips and things to look out for, really looking forward to with her now and really have a feeling I can now. She is showing a lot of signs of stress of which some I mistook. 

She is doing better and better. The difference between 3 weeks ago and now is huge and I still got a lot to learn about and from each other but I'm so confident that we'll be absolutely fine. The trust (and love) between us grew immensely.

Daan & Jaya, November 2023


When we introduced a second cat in our home things didn’t go very well so we hired Jonne to help us. It was the best decision ever! He made us see our cats’ behavior clearly, end free us from our projections which was much needed. Rather than guessing and interpreting what our cats might need or want, we got a very clear idea on how to read their body language and behavior

Jonne cuts right to the chase and if you follow his advice and do your homework almost anything is possible. All of this comes with a very reasonable price tag too! We highly recommend him!

 Susanna and Clint, with cats Matodi and Charlie

Amsterdam, April 2022



 Santpoort-Zuid, November 2020




 Amsterdam, August 2020



Since we realized Lilly's behavior was not caused by a traumatic experience, but she had not been socialized well and she was under stimulated, we learnt we had to practice with her.

We handled her with a plan and guess what?
She is so cool!
What a sweet, fun and easy to handle cat she is!
She also goes outside, stays in our garden and comes inside when we call her without even using a treat.
We never could have dreamed this after the first months with her.
And what has also helped us is that we had different expectations after meeting you and thank you very much for that!
Hans (and Lilly), Haarlem, August 2019

*translated from the original Dutch text.

 Lilly relaxing in one of her new hiding places


"I have asked Jonne for advice for 3 cats that could not get along with each other.
The last cat to joined about 2 years ago and terrorized the other 2.
The older cats are VERY afraid because of this.
Jonne soon realized what the problem was and how it could be solved.
With a few relatively simple changes, eg a basket in another room,
the problem, with some practice and patience, is now solved.
The cats can now be all three in the living room without stress and that was not the case before. '
So if you have problems with a cat:
Consult Jonne. Highly recommended !!!!"
Mrs. M. Reijngoud, Haarlem

*translated from the original Dutch text.



"4 weeks ago I contacted the Kerbert animal shelter in IJmuiden about my 6 months old kitten Snowy. They referred me to Jonne. I immediately called him. And he was able to schedule a home visit on short notice. My kitten of 6 months had some nasty habits. She chewed on many items. Nothing remained intact. Laminate flooring, chairs, duvet covers, you name and she started chewing on it. She also walked around the house restlessly all day long. She barely slept. My kitty chased my other cat and did not leave my dog ​​alone, she kept washing them. I did not know what to do. Had already tried everything. More playing with my cay. But that did not help unfortunately.

Jonne visited my house, and he knew how to give good advice. Immediately he saw what Snowy needed. Also because she is deaf, it was a different approach. And can not say otherwise he has helped me and my kitten tremendously. 3 weeks later and she does not chew anything anymore. I can sleep well and she has become much quieter. My other cat can also play by herself without being attacked. My dog ​​is no longer groomed excessively. And Snowy now goes to sleep on her own, something she never did. I am so grateful to Jonne for his advice."
Mvg Linda.

"Since Jonne had stopped by, I can recognize and predict the behavior of my cats."
D. Hunsche

"With Disney everything is very well! Since we applied your suggestions, we have had no problems anymore and we fully enjoy living with her."
Randy and Denise 


"Thank you very much for all your great advice!

Cleo is really enjoying herself. She enjoys being outside in the garden, and she always comes back neatly. She even lost a bit of weight, I think because she now spends so much time outdoors and has a lot of space to run.

Cleo now also stays in the room with us when we have friends visiting. She even sits on my best friend's lap! I can really see that she is completely at ease in our new home "

Annelieke (and Cleo), Lelystad.

  • Feline Behavior Therapy
    My mission is to collaborate together with you, the owners, and develop together tools and strategies to: care for and living together with your feline companions peacefully, symbiotically and with optimum health.
  • Who am I

    Who am I

    My name is Jonne Kramer. Since my childhood, I have enjoyed the companionship of cats. I have four adopted cats: Fripp, Eno, Peter and Madison. I have completed a Master's degree in Biology at Amsterdam University VU.
  • Complimentary Consultation

    Complimentary Consultation

    My approach is distinguished by a relaxed way of working with you, looking together for solutions to manage your cat's unwanted behavior. I apply my knowledge and experience for sound solutions and personalized advice.
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    I invite you to contact me to discuss any cat related issues.
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    Please reach out to me for any feline behavior questions using phone, e-mail or WhatsApp: +31 (0)6 44 81 44 93 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Charitable Activities

    Charitable Activities

    Local rehousing centers house lot of cats in my area. I support these by (re-)socializing (re) cats with severe behavioral problems. I specialize in in cats that show excessive fear or aggression, but I also support the team by recognizing health problems, and optimize living arrangements for elderly cats, and other cats with special needs.
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