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Homework Cat and Why I enjoy being a feline behavior therapist.

I meet with a lot of distraught families, who seek me out as a last resort. Like the family in the story below.

Just last week I was on a home visit. A lady had called me shortly before, distraught, out of options and just at the end of her tether. After a short in-take call, we made an appointment for a house consult.

When the front door opened, I found myself welcomed by loving family. Before I even sat down, it was abundantly clear that they considered taking care of each other, and their cats, of very high importance.

Recently, they had extended the family with an adopted senior cat that had met with some very rough times in her live. Let's call her Dopey.

It would have been a great story, except 2 cats already lived in the home. And they did not get along with Dopey. Not at all. The balance in the house had been totally upset. The 3 cats all did their best to stay away from each other. Tension was palpable around each of them. And perhaps most disheartening was that one of the cats would now refuse to go into a kid’s room to join her in doing her homework – something that the family had loved and cherished.  

So, I was called in.

During the visit I recognized what was going on in the communication between the cats. And I proceeded to explain it to the family. Especially the ‘home-work cat’ who felt pushed out from the kid’s room since Dopey’s arrival and probably felt lost in the house as a result.

At that time, the family got quite upset when I described what emotions the cats where going through.

Seeing the family display such love and affection for their cats, makes me happy and proud to bring back love, harmony and balance. Even going as far as providing a home for a cat in need of a safe and loving home.

With my understanding of cats, and experience in life, I can play my part in making that happen. Being a chain in the link that holds it all together.

And I was for these cats too. First, we gave the cats a much-needed break from each other! Then we helped ‘home-work cat’ feel happy in the kid’s room again. Finally, mimicking what would happen in nature, we went on to carefully guide the 3 cats in getting to know each other. And it worked!

The little joys in life like being able to help a little girl get her study buddy back – and allowing her parents the opportunity to provide this for their children. This is just one of the special gifts I receive while helping the animals as well as the humans that they live with.

This is why I enjoy being a feline behavior therapist. 

  • Feline Behavior Therapy
    My mission is to collaborate together with you, the owners, and develop together tools and strategies to: care for and living together with your feline companions peacefully, symbiotically and with optimum health.
  • Who am I

    Who am I

    My name is Jonne Kramer. Since my childhood, I have enjoyed the companionship of cats. I have four adopted cats: Fripp, Eno, Peter and Madison. I have completed a Master's degree in Biology at Amsterdam University VU.
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    Complimentary Consultation

    My approach is distinguished by a relaxed way of working with you, looking together for solutions to manage your cat's unwanted behavior. I apply my knowledge and experience for sound solutions and personalized advice.
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    I invite you to contact me to discuss any cat related issues.
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    Please reach out to me for any feline behavior questions using phone, e-mail or WhatsApp: +31 (0)6 44 81 44 93 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Charitable Activities

    Charitable Activities

    Local rehousing centers house lot of cats in my area. I support these by (re-)socializing (re) cats with severe behavioral problems. I specialize in in cats that show excessive fear or aggression, but I also support the team by recognizing health problems, and optimize living arrangements for elderly cats, and other cats with special needs.
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